The 1019 Report is a new breed of community newspaper – with an emphasis on both news and paper. As the tagline on our nameplate explains, we will be focused on covering the news that residents who live within the 1,019 square kilometres of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region need to know. That means keeping you up to date on what is happening with your municipal and regional governments, providing fact-filled reports on issues of interest and concern, and offering thoughtful and reasoned debate and commentary. But that is not all. This newspaper will work hard to also reflect the community it serves. This is an essential quality that some media has quietly, and quite ironically, lost during the last few years in a rush to throw everything online and hope that you find it on Facebook in drips and drabs. It will also look to support and partner with local businesses and help community groups get their messages out. These stakeholders are a big part of our community.


The Vaudreuil-Soulanges area is fortunate. It is distinctive from other areas of the province. Unlike typical small towns, where people grow up and often move away from, the municipalities here are the small towns where many of us have chosen to move to. It is a choice that, when we look back, reassures us. We want this – this distinctive quality of community, an often difficult-to-measure, but nonetheless real spirit that lets us all feel like we are part of something. We have a stake in it. We chose it. And we are asking you to make another conscious choice. Pick up The 1019 Report. Make it your meeting place to reflect on the consciousness of this community. Help us be the window through which the rest of the world sees this community. We can be the example that inspires others.


The 1019 Report covers the news within the 1,019 square kilometres of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region, telling the stories that are worth your time.


Champs de Rêves, 1620 Chemin Daoust,

Dagwood’s, 54 Boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes

Super C, 44 Boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes

La Belle Province, St. Charles

RBC, 585 St. Charles

Pharmaprix, 585 St. Charles

Global Pet foods, 585 St. Charles

IGA Famille Déziel, 39 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes

BMO, 580 St. Charles

Dairy Queen, 3-578 St. Charles

Provigo Le Marché, 501 St. Charles

Dépanneur 4Seasons, 488 St. Charles

Jean Coutu, 475 St. Charles

Dépanneur Chez Madeleine, 181 St. Charles

Couche Tard 2933 Boul. de la Gare

Metro Plus Marché Roy, 3000 Boul. de la Gare

Chartwell Le Prescott,

1335 Rue Émile-Bouchard

Banque CIBC, 3030 Boul. de la Gare

Sélection Vaudreuil, 3041 Boul. de la Gare

Banque Scotia, 3070 Boul. de la Gare

Moretti, 3120 Boul. de la Gare




Dépanneur SERVI-Express, 1051 St Charles




Sous les oliviers, 345 Boul. Harwood

Sim Centre de Liquidation, 341 Rue Ranger

Jean Coutu 253 Boul. Harwood

ESSO, 330 Boul. Harwood


IGA, 1869 Ste. Angélique

Brunet Pharmacy, main shopping plaza

Dépanneur, 1831 Ste. Angélique

Sonic Gas station, 836 Route de la Cité des Jeunes

Esso station, 585 Route de la Cité des Jeunes

Quincaillerie St. Lazare, 1704 Ste. Angélique

Pharmaprix, 1780 Ste. Angélique

Bonisoir/Esso, 2665 Côte St. Charles

Ultramar, 2662 Côte St. Charles

Caisse Desjardins, 1704 Ste. Angélique



IGA, 484 Main Road

Brunet Pharmacy, 465 Main Road

Ultramar gas station, 3620 Route Harwood

Depanneur 4 coins/4 Corners, 2914 Route Harwood

Juniper Café, 60 Cameron St.

Shaar’s Dépanneur, 58 Cameron St.

Hudson Pizzeria, 76 Cameron St.

Crème Brulée, 429 Main Road

Que de Bonnes Choses, 484-D Main Road

L ’Express Hudson Depanneur, 3100 Route Harwood

Petro Canada, 3237 Boul. Harwood

Souvlaki Authentique, 3239 Harwood

Sauvé’s, 399 Main Road

Decor Hudson, 521 Main Rd.



La Belle Province, 515 St. Jean Baptiste

Metro, 466 Chemin de la Grande-Ligne

Jean Coutu, 464 Chemin de la Grande-Ligne

IGA, 461 Chemin de la Grande-Ligne



Smoke Meat Pete, 283 1st Avenue

Pétrole Leger, 100 Grand Boulevard

Ultramar Dép. du coin, 1151 Boul Don Quichotte

Metro Plus Ile Perrot, 450 Don Quichotte

Lilo Groupe Maurice, 105 Don Quichotte

IGA Super Marche, 110 Don Quichotte

Pharmaprix, 10 Don Quichotte


Pharmaprix, 101 Boul. Cardinal Léger

Maxi & Cie, 92 Boul. Cardinal Léger

Couche-Tard, 115 Boul. Cardinal Léger

Metro Plus, 107 Boul. Cardinal Leger

Uniprix, Boul. 111 Boul. Cardinal Leger

Dépanneur Tabagie, 106 Boul. Cardinal Leger

Toyota Ile Perrot, 2100 Boul. du Traversier


Fromagerie Montefino, 1329 Ch. St Dominique


Jean Coutu, 485 Beaconsfield Blvd.

METRO PLUS, 50 Saint-Charles Blvd


Vacupro, 285 St Jean Plaza Pointe Claire

Metro, 325 St jean Plaza Pointe Claire

Bluenose, 267 St Jean Plaza Pointe Claire

TD Canada Trust 265A St-Jean in Plaza PC

Le Wellesley, 230 Hymus

IGA Extra, 12 Place de la Triade



TWIGS – 85 Ste. Anne St.

Cunninghams Pub, 75 Sainte-Anne St


A St. Lazare resident, Brenda O’Farrell is a former senior news editor at the Montreal Gazette. She is the vice-president of the Quebec Community Newspaper Association, was a member of the federally-appointed Journalism and Written Media Independent Panel of Experts and a former journalism professor at Concordia University. She runs her own media company and writes a regular column for Investing.com, which is published in nine languages around the

Director of Advertising and Marketing
Marc Beaulieu is a former advertising executive with Postmedia Inc. and the Montreal Gazette. He is realtor with Groupe Sutton Performer and president of the Pointe Claire Oldtimers hockey league.

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